MECASON®, an approach to improve
the life of your bearings

Our project of continuous monitoring of the wind turbines drivetrains is co-funded by the European Union.
Europe is involved in PACA through the European Funds for Regional Development.

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ARDETEM SFERE occasionally publishes reports dealing with its activities and feedbacks on bearings and gears monitoring. For the time being, they are only available in french language.

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Mecason Infos n°6 (september 2013) (0.3 MB)

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Mecason Infos n°3 (april 2006) (0.7 MB)

Mecason Infos n°2 (august 2004) (2.2 MB)

Mecason Infos n°1 (june 2003) (1.9 MB)

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More efficient than a conditional maintenance, by providing continuous vibration monitoring, Mecason® secures your machines and your staff. It allows proactive maintenance that meets the needs of the machine resulting in an important increase of its lifetime, a drastic reduction of the risk of sudden failure and thus an improvement of the profitability of your machines.

More efficient than vibration analysis, the system quantifies and tracks the evolution of the "overall" vibration signal measure. By ensuring that continuous monitoring with a specific sensor which is more sensitive than usual accelerometers, it highlights the driftings at an early stage, before a mechanical damage appears (lack of lubrication, water inlet in a bearing, loosening of a fixation ...).
Usually, vibration analyses are periodically operated and therefore, in most cases, only notice the damages.

The MECASON® technology is inspired by the mechanic who uses a screwdriver pressed against his ear pushed against the surface of the machine to listen to the internal noises (which are nothing but vibrations). The system continuously quantifies the signals from the vital organs of your machine and, taking the current noise level as a reference point, alerts of the drifting before the failure. Thus, more than detecting an approaching failure, the system helps to prevent a degradation by creating an early maintenance process.