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Our Products


Electronic box with eight channels designed to monitor 1 to 4 machines.
An additional MARD 3x board can assign alarms to the concerned machine when there is more than one monitored machine.
A version of this board can inhibit alarms when a hydroelectric group is not coupled to the network, when a screw compressor operates with no load ...
Another additional board (CAAV 30) can suppress alarms on change of a physical quantity, speed for instance.


Electronic modules in a housing mounted on a DIN-rail for installation in a cabinet, meant to treat the signal from a single sensor.
There are two versions :
TBV, which delivers a 4-20 mA cuurent loop proportional to the overall value of the vibration signal.
RBV, which delivers pre-alarm and alarm with a changeover relay.
In addition, we have the MBM module, designed to be paired and to monitor multiple points on a single machine with the requirement of an instantaneous trigger (impossible with a multiple-channel CBN 30 box which successively scans each channel). These modules were designed to secure large reciprocating compressors.

SMPC 1000

Remote monitoring system being developed for remote monitoring of critical machines, with recording on a local PC of the vibration measurements and all other physical quantities, and transmission of the alerts and alarms to remote PCs.
On a remote PC, the user can listen to the audio signals of the sensors and, if necessary, operate a post-processing frequency analysis (Fourier series, Kurtosis, spectral envelope ...).


In addition to MECASON® monitoring systems user support, ARDETEM SFERE can help you improve the reliability of your bearings.
With our probably unique experience, we can help you optimize the mounting and grease lubrication of your bearings.
In industry, the average lifespan of grease lubricated bearings is more likely between 10 and 20 000 hours than 80 to 150 000 hours, that you could reasonably expect. On most electric motors, for example, subject to proper lubrication and considering they are usually oversized, bearings should have an almost infinite lifespan.
In comparison, oil lubricated bearings tend to last forever, which confirms that the greasing, that everyone thinks to master, is the cause of shortened lifespans.


Our flexibility allows us to adapt our offers to the characteristics of our customers. We can also develop specific boards. Please contact us for more information.