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Why a continuous
Mecason® monitoring ?

Several concepts are to be taken into account  :

Dependability :

A machine running fast, or of great power, can become very dangerous in case of damage !

  • A poorly lubricated bearing can seize, get stuck and cause breakage of the shaft !
  • In a chemical plant, a hydrogen compressor broke out after the loosening of the bolts that led to the break of the bolts connecting rod head and passing it through the crankcase. Without explosion !!
  • A lack of lubrication causes, within the bearing, a temperature rise of contact points. In an explosive atmosphere, it can cause fire or explosion. Fire started several times in an industrialist (who became a client) on a printing press using solvent inks : the ink degrading the grease and catching fire as a result of the contact points overheating. Such phenomenon also occurred on the bearings of a dry-laid paper machine.

Reducing costs :

  • Outside cases of brittle fracture, a machine under MECASON® supervision can not be the seat of a sudden mechanical failure with the subsequent production losses.
  • This monitoring helps to reduce maintenance costs by no longer doing unnecessary maintenance (systematic preventive maintenance), but by intervening as soon as necessary, before the damage appears, not after !!
  • Continuously monitoring grease lubricated bearings can make them last 50 to 100 000 hours instead of changing them after 15 to 20 000 hours. It is difficult to know when a bearing needs some more grease. The recommendations of the manufacturers do not match the real needs of bearings !! They do not take into account the temperature and type of installation, the characteristics of the lubricant, ... The quantities needed by the bearings are much lower, but sometimes much more frequently.
  • Manufacturers ! MECASON® is the best tool to protect you from the risks of breakage or failure during the warranty period.

Quality procedure :

The MECASON® system is an excellent sensor that fits into the process of collecting information from the machine. It is a unique tool to optimize its operation (cavitation, lubrication, adjustment, regulation, ...).

More and more customers are realizing that the periodic vibration analyses do not provide the expected security. (It is always difficult to predict the future !)

The only solution to be effectively protected is to equip the most critical machines with continuous monitoring. And more specifically MECASON® continuous monitoring because our sensor is more sensitive than usual accelerometers. ArcelorMittal, the CETIM (Mechanical Industries Technical Centre), Total, or ARKEMA have found that the MECASON® system gives much precocious alarms than vibrations collectors using accelerometers.

Supply difficulties :

A recent meeting with a SKF executive has confirmed the current supply problems for bearings of large diameter (greater than 400 mm). There is very little stock at distributors in these ranges and the new orders received by the bearing manufacturers are currently scheduled for delivery with a 24 months delay !

Here is another argument advocating an optimization of the lubrication of large bearings, and thus their continuous monitoring !

Have you ever listened to a machine ? Listen then :